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  • 欢迎光临江阴如一科技发展有限公司官网,我们将竭诚为您服务!
    +86 510 81675883



    ? 1、协尔--一切都是为了您!

    ? 2、通过战略聚焦硅钢片行业,做专(集中资源做硅钢片横剪),做大(优先挑选知名企业),做精(做别人难以企及的精度)做知名(品牌的行业地位),形成行业优势,迅速站到中国横剪线精度No.1的位置,并以协尔品牌为依托,通过各类结盟方式借力,实现在中国变压器、电焊器、电抗器等行业的扩张,成为中国横剪机行业的传奇品牌。

    ? ?3、在公司企业网站之外,创造性的打造横剪线平台“中国铁芯横剪线”。

    ? ?4、以“尽心尽责,表里如一”的企业宗旨时刻站在客户的角度体现“协尔”的价值观。

    ? ?5、全力打造“协尔”“SHEAR”品牌,建立中国横剪线乃至全球横剪线行业的形象和领导地位。

    1.Shear--Everything is for you!
    2.By focusing on strategies of silicon steel industry, design to do (centralized resources do silicon steel sheet transverse shear), bigger (priority selection of well-known enterprises), doing fine (it is difficult for others to reach precision) and famous (the brand’s position in the industry),forming industry advantage , to be No.1 position position quickly in the transverse shear line precision, and on the basis of shear brand,through all kinds of alliance leveraging and realize expansion in China transformer, electric welder,reactors and other industry,eventually becoming China cross cutting machine industry legend brand.
    3.In addition to the company’s corporate? website, a creative way to create a horizontal shear line platform “China’s iron core horizontal shear line”.
    4.By the enterprise purpose of “whole-hearted conscientious dedication/practice what we preach”stand in the customer point of view and reflect the values of “Shear”.
    5.To create the “SHEAR”brand,and ultimately build the image and the leader status of China’s cross shear line and even the global horizontal shear line industry.

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